The electric BMW i3. Available now in Portland.
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BMW i3
Feel electric.
The BMW i3 brings an electric side to performance. Its all-electric powertrain delivers instant-torque making it extremely fun to drive. (By the way, its high-strength, lightweight carbon fiber chassis is made in Moses Lake, Washington). An eye-catching exterior opens up to a modern interior that leverages sustainability with a mix of renewable and recycled materials. The BMW i3 seats four passengers in style. And the rear seats fold down for a cavernous 36.9 cubic feet of trunk space. Our i3 vehicles also include a gasoline Range Extender which expands your driving range to 130-150 miles.
MINI Clubman
Ready for any adventure.
Featuring split rear doors and a sophisticated aesthetic, the Clubman is the most spacious and versatile MINI model. It features premium seating for 5, plus a spacious trunk and folding rear seats – it has enough room for any adventure you may encounter.
BMW X1 Sports Activity Vehicle
Car sharing with cargo room.
Best-in-class cargo space, a 228 horse power engine and dynamic stability control are just some of the exciting features the BMW X1 has to offer. This exhilarating and highly adaptive vehicle delivers everything you need from a traditional 4x4 – the commanding, rugged feel and high driving position – but also boasts great safety credentials, a luxurious interior and the maneuverability required for city driving. Planning a road trip? Let the BMW X1 take you on an unforgettable adventure.