Want to take a ReachNow Snowboarding? Here are our 6 Top Tips

While most members use our service for short trips around the city, our automatic rate caps make ReachNow an excellent choice for day trips to the mountains too. We took our ReachNow to Steven’s Pass, a great ski resort but not easy to reach via public transportation (shuttles to Steven’s Pass only run early in the morning and from a limited number of locations). With ReachNow, there’s no rush to catch the bus and available cars are usually just a few minutes away.

Interested? Read on to find out our top tips for taking ReachNow on a winter road trip

1. Grab a car with all-wheel drive

Many of our members have cars of their own, but choose to drive a ReachNow in certain situations. While we wouldn’t recommend off-roading in a ReachNow, traveling to Steven’s Pass in a premium, all-wheel drive vehicle will offer peace of mind – particularly if you’re concerned your own car might not be suitable or you don’t have chains handy (chains are required for all vehicles except those with all-wheel drive).

We recommend grabbing a BMW X1 – dynamic stability and traction control, coupled with impressive safety credentials makes this SAV ideal for a trip to the mountains.

2. Set your destination in advance using the App

We understand – you want to get in and get going. That’s why we offer the ability to send your destination to your car ahead of time using the ReachNow App. After reserving your vehicle, select ‘Destination’ to input an address. Once in the car, you’ll be prompted to start navigation to your chosen destination.

3. Share your car share

At this time of year, there’s a good chance some of your friends or colleagues are planning a similar trip. Why not carpool in a ReachNow? You can fold down the middle seat to make room for your skis or snowboards and still have plenty of room leftover for two friends on each side. To collapse the middle seat in a BMW X1, simply pull the strap on the bottom right hand side.

4. Make use of the ice scraper provided

In response to high demand, we’ve recently introduced ice scrapers to our service. You can now find an ice scraper in the driver-side door of every ReachNow vehicle. Gone are the days of scraping ice off with your Member Key card!

5. Turn on the heated steering wheel

“I like my hands to feel cold when I’m driving” – said no one ever. After a long day out on the slopes, do yourself a favor and turn up the heat. To activate heated steering on a BMW X1 or BMW 3 Series, press the button on the left hand side of the wheel.

6. Pair your phone to the car via bluetooth

Traffic on the return journey from Steven’s Pass can be awful. To pass the time, try streaming music from your phone through the car’s speakers by connecting to Bluetooth. You can navigate to the Bluetooth menu by selecting either Multimedia, Telephone or Settings from the Main Menu. After pressing ‘Add New Device’, you should see something like ‘BMW 72609’ appear in the list of available connections in the Bluetooth section of your phone. You can also pair your phone just as easily via USB.